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North OPTIMIST Tuning Guide

Tension on measurements:
0=no tension
3=full tension

    0-8 knots 8-16 knots 16-24 knots
Mast Rake Determines the balance of the dinghy. If you rake your mast aft, you will achieve that your dinghy will have better pointing abilities. If you rake your mast forward you will ease the rudder pressure. The trim of the mast is very much individual. 278-280 cm 280-284 cm 282-286 cm
Mainsheet Using the mainsheet in an Optimist is like changing gears in a race car. The angle of attack between the sail and the wind is changed and you can control pointing ability and speed by easing and trimming the mainsheet. Remeber always to adjust the tension on your sheet according to the conditions. It is a good idea to tackle a little, white string into the mainsheet, just where the sheet exits the ratchet or at the block on the boom. This will make it easier to find the right trim fast. It will give you a reference point after fix tacking. It can be very difficult to see how the amount of sheet tension affects the draft of the sail and the leech, when you're in the dinghy. 1 2-3 3
Sprit The sprit influences the leech tension. If you tighten your sprit, the sail will close and if the sprit is trimmed loosely the sail will open. It is important to avoid too much tension on the sprit. Remember to adjust your sprit when starting the downwind legs. 1 2 3
Preventer The luff tension is adjusted with the preventer, which also regulates the angle of attack. A loose luff moves the depth of the sail aft and decreases the angle of attack while a tightened luff moves the depth forward. 1-3 0-2 0-1
Kicking-strap The kicker is used together with the preventer to control the angle of attack. Furthermore the leech is affected by the kicker. A tight set downhaul will pull the draft forward and down in the sail, hence opening the leech. 0 1-2 3
Outhaul Controls the depth in the foot of the sail. You decide how much you want to use of the designed depht. It is important not to ease the outhaul too much, because the leecj will close too much at the bottom batten. 2-6 cm
(8" - 2.4")
3-8 cm
(1.2" - 3.15")
0-3 cm
Your position in the boat Is an extremely important trim option. By moving the weight forward and aft in the boat you can achieve changes in the boat balance. Position all the way in the boat, sitting in the coaming Fixed in hiking straps, shoulders out, weight aft All out hanging, further back in the boat, fixed in straps

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