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420 // Tuning guide


First of all, We would like to thank you for choosing our TM sails - Third Millenium. Our last generation sails are the results of longterm research and development, specially intensive during last season.
Here are some suggestions for a quick setting.

First you have to verify the following measurements, which remain steady in all conditions and are the starting positions.

Mast Mast foot position Prebend Spreaders lenght Spreaders depth
Proctor K 43 cm 3.2 cm 47 cm 13 cm
Superspar M7 43 cm 3.6 cm 47 cm 16.5 cm

Note : The mast foot position is taken from mast back-face to center of centerboard-pin.

Let's now have a look at the different settings for the various conditions:

Wind intensity (m/sec) Shrooders tension Mast rake Bowman position
0 - 3 38 612 cm Leeward - central
3 - 6 39 609 cm. Windward - half trapeze
Over 7 37 604 cm Full trapeze

The tension is referred to tension loose gauge. If you use a Superspar tensiometer decrease the values of 7 points.


The chocks are linked to the weight of the crew and to the wind conditions.
In very light wind conditions (when your crew is in the middle of the boat) you don't need the chocks because the sail has to be flat.
If the wind increase and your crew is upwind you can start to use the chocks to limit the mast flexion and to obtain the most suitable shape for that wind conditions. You've to add more and more chocks as the wind become stronger until you're able to keep the boat flat. When your crew is not able to keep it flat you must gradually start to take them off for depowering the sail.

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