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10+1 KEYQUESTIONS about DrSails

1 Which materials does it glue?
One of DrSails' qualities is that it glues all types of materials:
leather, wood, metals, fabric, fibers, plastics, cement, ceramics, rubber, glass, etc.
It works not with Materials such as polyethylene, Teflon and polypropylene. These conflicts with all types of adhesive due to their self-lubricity.

2 Can it also glue two different materials?
Yes, it is no problem for the adhesive to glue different materials to each other.

3 Should I prepare the surface before use?
We recommend cleaning dust and grease away from the surface first. Lightly sanding smooth surfaces with sandpaper will always improve adhesive capacity. Our CLEANER helps perfectly prepare the surface.

4 Does it really glue under water?
Yes, of course in both freshwater and saltwater. When we developed DrSails, we wanted to ensure it would glue on wet surfaces, and we were even able to get our adhesive technology to glue underwater. So you can glue wet sails, floats and inflatable boats without worrying about drying. It also lets you plug big leaks, and water/fuel tank and pipe leaks, as well as glue pool tiles, etc.

5 What other things can it glue besides sails?
Practically every thing. DrSails' flexibility allows you to perform repairs on hard surfaces or fabrics and flexible plastics. From leather and tire punctures, to repairing awnings, tarpaulins, covers, technical clothing, footwear, tiles, appliances, furniture, lamps, glass, parquet floor, carpet, joints, seams, leaks, pipes and anything else you can think of! For surfaces or rigid pieces, you can choose to use TRIO or any of our adhesives.

6 How long does it take to dry?
Our TRIO and SAILKIT Adhesives and Repair Packs have been developed for short drying and curing time. Although it is completely cured in 24 hours, in many cases the piece repaired can be used after 20 minutes, since it will already have acquired 80% of its maximum strength by then. Its fast curing time requires surfaces to be first prepared, since working time is about 8 minutes.

7 How much do I need ?
Based on our experience, avery thin layer of adhesive or sealant should be used since the adhesion is greater when the product is less thick. Indicatively, on smooth surfaces 5 ml (Mini Pocket and Repair Pack) equals one Din-A5 (15x21 cm/0.33 ft2; 10 ml adhesive (Pocket y DrSails 10) covers a Din-A4 (21x30cm/0.67 ft2; our DrSails 25 yields 0,15 m2/1,6ft2, while the cartridge DrSails 265 covers an area of 1,0m2/10,76ft2 and the DrSails 400 up to 1,6m2/17,22ft2.

8 Is the adhesive the same in all formats?
Yes, the product is identic al. The presentations in different formats (syringe, cartridge or flexible single-use package) with various amounts of adhesive or in the Repair Packs TRIO and SAILKIT do not alter its properties.

9 Does it have an expiration date?
Due to their high quality and technology DrSails, our products should preferably be used within 36 months of their manufacture, although we know that it is considerably longer under normal conditions. The expiry date is indicated on all packages.

10 Is the adhesive insyringes and cartridges spoiled after the first use?
No, not at all. After the first use, simply remove the nozzle and replace the cap on the syringe or cartridge. If the cap is lost, you can leave the nozzle on until you replace it with a new one the next time you use it. The expiration date does not change after the first use.

10+1 Is DrSails magic ?
DrSails can not prevent faults, but it can help you fix them. Some customers tell us that when they bring DrSails on their boat they don't experience any faults, so it acts like an amulet. Could this be true?


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