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In March 2010, DrSails was born within the prestigious IQS (Instituto Químico Sarriá, Barcelona) as a development of a sail adhesive, at the request of some of the Barcelona World Race 2011-12 regatta’s participants.

After months of laboratory research and testing, our bicomponent epoxy adhesive was created, combining certain properties that no other product on the market currently offers. I is thus DrSails is an adhesive that is flexible, structural and fast curing, and capable of sticking onto wet surfaces and even underwater. It is also suitable for and compatible with a wide variety of materials (wood, metal, fibers, fabrics and plastics), making it a versatile and unique product in the marine industry.

It was tested by several teams in the Barcelona World Race 2010-11, and the third ranked Pachi Rivero and Antonio Piris they all agreed that repairing their battered sails with DrSails adhesive helped them finish the demanding race around the world. Months later, the prestigious Emirates Team NewZealand decided to try it on their boat Camper during the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 with excellent results and new uses that opened up other possible applications. The final phase of this long period of testing and experimentation was the regatta, in which several teams in cluded it among their spare parts.

In the developed formula, which was tested under the most extreme conditions found in these three Round the World regattas, DrSails put special emphasis on creating a format that would ensure the right mix of its two components and facilitate application.

Once it had been successfully tested and patented, it was launched in 2014 during the prestigious international fair, where it was warmly received and given an important special mention by the DAME Awards 2014

Almost simultaneously, DrSails adhesive was chosen by the regatta for its traveling boatyard that maintained and repaired all participating boats, and once again it successfully met its important responsibility.

Since its launch, DrSails continues to carry out research and develop its innovative form at POCKET in a flexible bag with two compartments. The revolutionary REPAIRPACKS have also been created, an adhesive sealant achieved by mixing DrSails adhesive with a powdered additive. Simultaneously, the ingenious CLEANER acetone wipe and STATIC MIXERS spare nozzles were created.

In 2017, the Repair Packs adhesive sealant will evolve following the DrSails philosophy to optimize performance and usability based on user experiences. The TRIO is created, with a new format in a flexible bag that has four compartments for components and accessories, allowing the adhesive and powdered additive to be mixed within. In response to user suggestions, the SAILKIT have been developed to repair all kinds of sails. Its format is also in a bag, allowing the fabric to be impregnated with the adhesive inside. The 2017 catalog also extends the range of adhesives, with the new single-use MINIPOCKET and the DrSails 400 for industrial use. The family of accessories incorporates the SPREADER, which is very useful due to its size and flexibility for applying our adhesives and Repair Packs.


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